House approves bill to make highway left lanes for passing only

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — The House recently passed Rep. Dennis M. Canario’s (D-Dist. 71, Portsmouth, Little Compton, Tiverton) legislation (2017-H 5398), which would fine drivers for using the far-left lane on three lane highways when not passing another vehicle.

The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration. 

“This bill is about highway safety first and foremost,” said Rep. Canario. “When the left lane of the highway is backed up due to drivers using it for non-passing means, it leads to aggressive driving and weaving between lanes with is dangerous for everyone on the road. 

“Hopefully this legislation will make people remember what we are all taught in driver’s education classes, the left-hand lane is meant for passing.” 

The legislation would fine drivers $85 if they are caught driving in the far-left lane without passing cars in the other lanes. 

Representative Canario also plans to contact the Department of Transportation about using highway signs to better educate drivers on common courtesy practices concerning use of the left lane on the state’s highways.


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