PHOTOS: Portsmouth wakes to storm damage

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — Portsmouth residents awoke Monday, Oct. 30, to find trees down and power out after a strong wind and rain storm ripped through the northeast overnight. 

As of Monday morning at 9:38 a.m., a total of 659 Common Fence homes were without power. Another 55 residences in Portsmouth and five homes on Prudence Island were also without power. 

Portsmouth High School closed early Monday morning due to a power outage. 

Many trees and limbs fell across roadways in town. Residents also reported street flooding. Featured below are photos of the damage and comments by local residents. 

I live by Wapping and Sandy Point. There is a tree blocking the road…go the other way. And who has power or not?,” writes Jason Spitalnik

Priscilla A. Smyth Thayer wrote, “Crazy ride home from Newport to Portsmouth this evening. There is a huge tree in the low-speed lane of East Main Rd (north) between Sandy Point Lane and Union Avenue.

“It’s a good thing that Portsmouth Police Department has a car there or someone could easily drive into it.” 

Did you witness storm damage in your yard? Tell us in the comment section or add a photo below. 

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