Portsmouth announces tax sale

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — The town of Portsmouth will sell the following parcels of real estate at a public auction to the highest bidder. 

The highest bidder may be required to pay the municipal taxes assessed as of Dec. 31, 2016 (and as to certain parcels, taxes assessed in prior years), together with the interest on the unpaid taxes, and the costs and charges incident to this sale.

The sale will take place at the Portsmouth Town Hall, 2200 East Main Road, Portsmouth, on June 14, at 11 a.m. 

Terms:  Cash or Certified Bank Check

Information about the amount of taxes due on each parcel may be obtained from the Tax Collector for the Town of Portsmouth by calling (401) 683-1214 and the amount of taxes due on each parcel will be announced at the sale.

The Town of Portsmouth gives no warranty, express or implied, as to the title of the real estate sold, as to the adequacy of the notice given of such sale, or as to the validity of the sale.  The property is sold at the buyer’s risk. 

In the event of an invalid sale, the buyer will be entitled to reimbursement for the amount paid at the tax sale plus statutory interest at the rate of one percent (1%) per month from the date of payment until the date of refund, notwithstanding the provisions of section 45-15-5. 

The taxing authority may recover any interest paid to a tax sale purchaser under this section from the delinquent assessed owner of the property as if the tax sale of the property had not been held.

If you are the owner of the property to be sold, or if you have an ownership interest in the property to be sold, you will have one year to redeem the property by paying the taxes that were due, plus a ten percent penalty on the tax sale amount, plus one percent interest per month on the tax sale amount from the seventh month onward. 

After one year, you may exercise your right to redeem the property through the tax sale purchaser or his/her attorney.  If a petition to foreclose your right of redemption has been filed in Superior Court, you may redeem the property through the Court if you do so before a final decree is entered.

The parcels to be sold at public auction are listed below by the Plat and Lot numbers assigned to them by the Portsmouth Tax Assessor. 

More information about each parcel may be obtained at the Office of the Tax Assessor, Town of Portsmouth, 2200 East Main Road, Portsmouth, RI 02871-1268.



NAME                                                             LOCATION                                                       PLAT/LOT


Pauline J Berube, Trustee                               0 Seaconnet Blvd                                21-122

  & St Judes Realty Trust                               

Douglas Cerce                                                 32 + 34 Duffy Terr                              31-20C

Wing Kwong Chau                                          13 Bristol Ferry Rd                             28-24

Wing Kwong Chau                                          0 Sprague St                                       28-25

Louis J Cheschi, Jr. Trustee                             0 Narragansett Ave                            24-140

  & L&L Realty Trust

Louis J Cheschi, Jr. Trustee                             47 Aquidneck Ave                               24-151

  & L&L Realty Trust

Kevin C Clarke                                                52 Child Street                                    29-45

Robert & Louise Conway                                0 Park Ave                                          24-57

Robert Copp & Robert Arruda            0 Judson Ave                                       4-194

Robert Cosgrove &                                         70 Alan Ave                                        24-109

  James H Cosgrove

Wayne Davidson                                            111 Mason Ave                                   20-71

Stephen R Dopart                                           279 Mill Ln                                          44-23

Kevin E Emsley                                               524 Bristol Ferry Rd                           11-8

Richmond D Farias                                         5 Elliot St                                            26-6

Richmond D Farias                                         0 Elliot St                                            26-8

Nikolas G & Paula Georgiou                          79 Roger Williams Ct                         46-72

James E & Shari C Hall                                   2560 East Main Rd                             35-21

Lawrence G Handren                                      79 Aquidneck Ave                               24-149

Alice Helfanbein                                             129 Seaconnet Blvd                            21-121

Maureen P Kelley                                           032 Broadway (Prudence)                  84-37

Raymond C & Kathleen W Mello                   0 Martens Rd                                      47-1E

Raymond C & Kathleen W Mello                   0 Martens Rd                                      47-1G

Raymond C & Kathleen W Mello                   0 Martens Rd                                      47-1D

Elizabeth Ann Nass Estate                             469 Wapping Rd                                 65-8A

Thomas E Patykewich                                                0 Park Ave                                          25-50

  & David Farias

Lori E Perry                                                     65 Locust Ave                                     51-39A

Prudence Ferry Inc                                          0 Narrangasett Ave (Prudence)         77-112

John Jeffrey Read                                           0 Atlantic Ave (Prudence)                  79-72

Ray Reedy, Inc                                                0 Windward Dr                                   19-136

Ray Reedy, Inc                                                0 Mason Ave (9/10ths int)                 25-3

Estate of James J Reilly Jr                              59 Lawrence Terr                                39-51

Kevin J Rodrigues                                           0 John Oldham Rd                              82-5

Komes Rozes                                                  0 Omerod Ave                                    25-15

Komes Rozes                                                  324 Park Ave                                      25-16

Katherine J Sears                                            596 Park Ave                                      21-67

Carrie A Seddon                                              118 + 120 Cottage Ave                       20-217

Westport Realty Trust                                    0 Mt Pleasant Ave (Prudence)           83-9

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