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Common Fence Point to receive rain garden

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — The Common Fence Point (CFP) will receive a rain garden as a gift for the new community hall. However, CFP needs your help installing the new garden. Find out how you can help below. 

The Common Fence Point Improvement Association (CFPIA) announced the rain garden on Sunday in the following letter, which is published verbatim below. 

Dear friends and neighbors,
I have exciting news to share – CFP is receiving a 750-square-foot “Rain Garden,” an extremely valuable gift to help ensure that we can manage stormwater runoff and good drainage both before and after Hall renovations! Rain gardens are getting a lot of attention these days for transforming a problem – excess rainwater – into a resource for creating natural beauty. This amazing gift comes to us from the Green Infrastructure Coalition (, which will be bringing soil and plants, and helping us install the Rain Garden on 
Saturday, June 2– yes, that’s this weekend!
To make this wonderful project happen, we need LOTS of volunteers! This is a GREAT way to give back to your community. No matter how much time you can spare – even if it’s just an hour – please come join us at the northwest corner of the building. We’ll start at 8:00 a.m., but you can come anytime that fits your schedule. Bring a shovel and gloves if you have them, and be sure to wear your best gardening outfit! You won’t miss us, we’ll be with a team of engineers and super smart people who “geek out” on this kind of awesomeness: right in front of the Hall by the telephone pole.
Many thanks to one of our largest grantors, the van Beuren Charitable Foundation, for enabling a love connection between CFP and the Green Infrastructure Coalition.  We are delighted at having this opportunity to collaborate on a project that is great for the environment and beautiful for our community!
Your friend and neighbor,

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