Construction to begin on CFP Hall

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — The wait is finally over! Construction will begin soon on the Common Fence Point (CFP) Community Hall. Find out more here.

Read the letter from the CFP Improvement Association President below.

We are excited to announce that the renovations are starting in the next two weeks.  This is a friendly reminder to BRACE YOURSELF for change!
We will do our very best to keep you posted on what is happening and what to expect as we proceed.
Over the next couple of weeks the plan is to install a brand new septic system.  It will be installed by Joel Camara of Camara Excavating.  That will be installed behind the building.  We will also begin the excavation of the new addition.   The new addition will be to the south (to the right of the Hall as you face it).  And, most noticeable, will be the demolition of the front entrance.  We’ll start using the side entrance on the north side of the building (the left side as you face it, next to the rain garden).  There will still be a door at the front with a temporary staircase for emergencies.  A fence will be surrounding most of the building.
If this causes your heart to pitter patter, I feel the same. This is exciting but also a little scary (in a good way!)  Please come to the next community meeting – Tuesday September 18th at 7:15pm to talk to the general contractor, John Hurd, as well as the architects.   They will be joining us to answer questions and help us understand what this is going to feel like over the coming months.  And, yes, the Hall will remain open.  It just might look like it is not.  Don’t let that fool you.
So, it its time to say goodbye to the familiar image of the Hall.   Here we go! Rest assured we will be documenting the progress through pictures.  I want to say a HUGE thank you to the talented Melissa Quintal, a photographer in our neighborhood, and took some amazing “before” pictures for us. What a celebration of the beautiful place we live.  You can see her pictures by clicking here:Before Photos
Everyone have a great week and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions:  Questions?
Conley Zani

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