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Portsmouth water view to change

Portsmouth water view to change

Editor’s note: The following news was previously shared on our social media channels, but we are re-publishing here due to social media algorithms and reader habits. 

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — The view from Portsmouth will change drastically in coming months thanks to the dismantling of the Brayton Point cooling towers in Somerset.

Multiple sources, including Fall River Development News, recently reported the cooling tower dismantling has begun. The cooling towers are a prominent figure in the background, especially when viewing the water from both McCorrie and Sandy Point beaches.

According to a Facebook post from Fall River Development News, which cites WBSM-AM, “BREAKING – The view from the Fall River waterfront will become more pleasing to look at in the near future. The dismantling of the Brayton Point cooling towers in Somerset has begun.

“WBSM-AM reports Atlantic Coast Dismantling, LLC has started the huge task of dismantling Brayton Point’s twin 500-foot cement cooling towers.

“Atlantic Coast Dismantling, LLC says their company will continue working on taking down the towers until they are imploded by another company sometime in November.

“The Brayton Point power station in Somerset was once the largest fossil-fuel power plant in New England. After 54 years, the power plant closed in 2017.

“Commercial Development Company Inc. (CDC) purchased the plant in early 2018 and is currently engaged in a redevelopment plan that will reposition the 307-acre waterfront site for new sustainable development opportunities.”

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