Portsmouth resident: Please sign petition against oyster farm

The following is a user-submitted post:

“As we are not against Oyster Farms, the placement of this Oyster Farm as proposed will push recreational use of the recreational users of the waters between McCorrie Point and Sandy Point deeper into the channel it the way of larger boaters and stronger currents. We ask that you oppose the location of this oyster farm. The photos in Aquidneck Oyster Company website do not depict the whole story. The applicant is not from RI. Let kids PLAY in the water….Sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing with out the obstruction of floating bags. Please sign in opposition. ” Ellen Toner

Please sign our petition if you Oppose the Sandy Point Oyster Farm. The permit hearing is this evening (Tuesday June 25 at 6pm) , so the sooner you sign it, the better.

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