Blue Green Algae and Other Water Toxins & Treatments

Friends, Rhode Island health officials are cautioning people to avoid contact with seven lakes and ponds because of potential risks from blue-green algae.

The locations include: Almy Pond in Newport; Sisson Pond in Portsmouth; JL Curran Reservoir in Cranston; Mashapaug Pond in Providence; and several lakes within Roger Williams Park in Providence, including Pleasure Lake, Roosevelt Lake and Elm Lake.

Sadly, there have been multiple reports of dog fatalities in recent days due to contaminated bodies of water with blue-green algae. Tragic events like these happen more at this time of year, since conditions are right for the growth of cyanobacteria. These organisms are known to cause poisoning in dogs, cats, livestock, wildlife, birds and fish – even humans.

All recreation — including swimming, fishing, boating, and kayaking — should be avoided in these areas. Please keep your pets safe.

Many responsible pet owners are unaware of this danger and don’t know how to identify bodies of water that are unsafe. This article contains more information about blue-green algae, how to identify bodies of water that are unsafe and what steps owners should take if contamination occurs.

Blue Green Algae and Other Water Toxins & Treatments

Reports of toxic pet exposures to blue green algae have increased of late, so here's what you need to know for diagnosis and treatment.

Source: Potter League for Animals

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