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Portsmouth Nonprofit Wins Grant for Theater, Dance Performances

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — The PLACE in Portsmouth has won a $9,337 grant from the Rhode Island Foundation to support theater, dance and music performances and workshops, including yoga dance, expressive movement and sounding circle drumming. In addition, there are plans for an afterschool chorus program for school children and a women’s choir.

“Many gifts of joy and personal healing come from exploring and experimenting with opportunities for creative expression,” said The PLACE’s Rose Escobar. “Our goal here is to offer venues for increasing the wellbeing of our citizens through the expressive creative arts serving our community and beyond.”

The Place competed with more than 100 organizations for the funding from the Foundation’s competitive Community Foundation program. The maximum grant was $10,000. Most of the work is expected to be underway before the end of the year.

“Our grants will create places to gather, make friendships and launch new collaborations that will build community connections everywhere,” said Jessica David, the Foundation’s executive vice president of strategy and community investments. “We’re excited about these ideas for making community happen in more and better ways at the local level. Supporting community-building will improve shared places and quality of life, promote collaboration and increase community engagement.”

The Rhode Island Foundation is the largest and most comprehensive funder of nonprofit organizations in Rhode Island. Working with generous and visionary donors, the Foundation raised $114 million and awarded $52 million in grants to organizations addressing the state’s most pressing issues and needs of diverse communities in 2018.

Through leadership, fundraising and grant-making activities, often in partnership with individuals and organizations, the Foundation is helping Rhode Island reach its true potential. For more information, visit

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