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I was saying to myself just this morning, "Clyde," I said, "Clyde…

I was saying to myself just this morning, "Clyde," I said, "Clyde, you know what you need? You need a person all your own." So I sat down to write this post for the nice Potter League people, because apparently that's the kind of thing they do – find nice people for extremely good looking, lovable, playful, and active dogs who are… I shudder to type this… homeless. That's right: I have no home to call my own. Could you be persuaded to share your adults only home? It could include another dog and cats. Oh and I am a huge fan of swimming and chasing tennis balls. Okay, I think I got it all down.

Come meet me at the Potter League! To learn more about me, visit, give my people here a call at 401-846-8276 or swing by the Animal Care and Adoption Center located at 87 Oliphant Lane in Middletown, RI. Okay, bye!

Source: Potter League for Animals

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