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Hasbro’s New Therapy Dog Helping Families

Hasbro’s New Therapy Dog Helping Families

Full disclosure – have a box of tissues handy.

We wanted to share this with you, not to make you sad, but to show the power of healing, love, and compassion that the dogs we love provide to so many. And how proud we are because it just so happens that Nemo was adopted from us last year by his mom, Tara, who are both heroes in our eyes. They are both doing a really hard and emotionally taxing job and we could not be more grateful for them both.

Please join us in thanking both Nemo and Tara for the comfort and joy they bring to these kids and their families every day.

Hasbro’s New Therapy Dog Helping Families

It's only been about four months since Stephanie Bibeau's 18–month old son Brody passed away from leukemia. “We fought and fought but it kept coming back in different spots, “ says Stephanie.

Source: Potter League for Animals

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