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Portsmouth launches Parks and Recreation Community Needs Assessment Survey

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — The town of Portsmouth, Rhode Island’s Parks and Recreation Department is encouraging residential and business leader participation in an online survey.

The survey focuses on the quality of life in Portsmouth, needs for parks and recreation services, programs and facilities, and views on a new Portsmouth Community Center to house community services and programs ranging from recreation to arts and culture.

The 10-15-minute survey is being conducted by The Center for Research and Public Policy, Inc. of Chester, Vermont.

Richard Rainer, the Portsmouth Town Administrator, said, “this survey is very important to provide information from our citizens on needs of our community. He added, “it will provide important information that will help us decide where to apply our resources as we develop our Town budget not only for the next year, but our 5-year capital improvement plans.”

The survey is open and will remain live and available for input until Nov. 15, 2019. Two ways to complete the survey include:

  1. Online: Visit the survey directly at or find the survey link on our website at
  2. Paper Version: Stop into the Town Hall, The Portsmouth Library, the Senior Center or Clements’ Marketplace reception desk for your copy. Or, call the Portsmouth Town Clerk, 401-683-2101 to receive your copy by mail.

The results of the survey will guide community leaders as they plan to meet community needs over the years ahead.

Results will be presented to the Town Council at their December 9, 2019 meeting and available to the public. Results will also be available on the Town Web Site

If residents or business leaders would like background information before completing the survey, the Parks and Recreation Department is directing survey respondents to Portsmouth, Rhode Island’s website –

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