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Setting up and managing notifications

Starting the week of March 2, Overdrive and Libby will be updating their holds process for digital items.

How will it work?
Libby notifications will alert users when their holds become available. We will also add a “Notifications” section to your OverDrive website and the OverDrive app. After receiving notification that a hold is available, users can:
Borrow the title within 3 days. If your library has a different hold pick-up setting, OverDrive will automatically update it to 3 days.

Suspend the hold by selecting “deliver later.” This option passes the book to the next person in line while maintaining the user’s place on the wait list. After the suspension period (set by the user), the user will be able to borrow the book when the next copy is available.

Cancel the hold.
If the user takes no action, their hold will automatically be suspended as a one-time courtesy for 7 days. If no action is taken a second time, the hold will be cancelled automatically.

This will take some getting used to, and you will want to make sure your notifications are set up so you know when the hold is available – IT WILL NO LONGER BE AUTOMATICALLY CHECKED OUT FOR YOU. You will have to manually check it out.

We have included a link below how to change your notification settings in Libby, as these will probably not be defaulted on your device.

Setting up and managing notifications

Setting up and managing notifications On iOS and Android devices, you'll get push notifications about your loans and holds by default. You can manage each type of notification individually. Here's how: Tap . Tap Manage Notifications at the top of the menu.Note: If you have existing in-app notifica…

Source: Portsmouth Free Public Library

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