Portsmouth Seeks Available Protective Equipment

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. — While the N95 type mask provides nurses and first responders with a required degree of protection, additional types of protective equipment (masks and gloves, etc.) could also assist those who support emergencies.

The Portsmouth Emergency Management Agency is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying resources in the community for personal protective equipment (PPE) during this critical time.

Citizens or companies that may have or have information on sources of any type of PPE are asked to contact the Portsmouth Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at 401-643-0379 or email

Donations would be tax deductible consistent with IRS guidelines. The EOC can arrange for pickup or drop-off of available PPE.

Questions can be directed to the Portsmouth EOC or directly to the Portsmouth EOC PPE Coordinator, Andy Vanier at 401-835-7812.

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