Op-Ed: COVID-19 Crisis Calls for Urgent Commitment to Equity

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One Comment

  1. As Dr. Jerome Adams, the U.S. surgeon general was quoted by NPR, the REAL reason COVID-19 disproportionately affects minorities is not due to the factors cited by this article. This unfortunate reality is due to the fact that many minorities live in high density housing where infectious disease is easily spread. This is an indictment of the misnomered “economic development plan” implemented by un-elected bureaucrats a few years back that passed RhodeMapRI, now branded as RI Rising after citizens stood up in fierce opposition to the plan which is focused on forcing high density housing in every neighborhood of Rhode Island.

    This article goes into more detail: The more the United States implements Sustainable Development initiatives, the more deadly and destructive pandemics will be

    If we want to prevent such outcomes in the future, RhodeMapRI/RI Rising must be eliminated. Those who support this plan and allow for its full implementation are subjecting many, many more minorities to terrible health outcomes.

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