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How do I register?

Register as either a guest or owner from the homepage by clicking the Sign In button located in the top right corner. A guest books a listing, while an owner lists a service, product, event, or more!

Can owners book services?

Yes! Even if you register as an owner, you can still book other listings.

What if I lost my password?

On the homepage, click the Lost Password link underneath the log-in form.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password anytime on the My Profile page. Log-in and view your My Profile page in your drop-down menu (top right corner), or visit your Dashboard.

What is the Dashboard?

Your Dashboard is where owners can view Bookings, Listings, Messages, Reviews, and more! Visit the Dashboard to view all available options and features.

Adding a Listing

How do I add a listing?

Once logged in, click the Add Listing button (top right) or Add Listing link in your Dashboard. Choose the listing package and complete a new listing form.

Is it free to add a listing?

Yes! It is 100% free to add a listing. We offer optional featured listing packages for a one-time fee. We only deduct a 15% fee for purchased items.

Can I edit a listing?

Yes, you can edit a listing from your Dashboard.

Can I delete a listing?

Yes, you can delete a listing anytime from your Dashboard.

How can a guest contact me?

In the Add Listing form, you can choose your own choice of communication method, including phone, email, social media channels, or use our Message feature.

What if my location is not on the map?

If your location does not show up on the Add Listing map, please use the closest location to you and communicate the exact location to a guest.

What is the commission fee?

Portsmouth Press deducts a 15% commission fee on any paid items from the total amount. The fee is automatically deducted upon checkout.

Booking a Listing

How do I search for listings?

You can search for listings from the homepage under Listings.

How do I pay for a listing?

After booking a listing, you will receive an email with a link to the checkout. You can also pay from your My Bookings page.

Can I cancel a paid listing?

Yes, you can cancel a paid listing. However, it is the third-party seller’s responsibility to offer a refund. Please contact the listing owner directly. View our Refund policy for more info.

Can I review a listing?

Yes! You are welcome to review a listing at any time!

How does an owner cancel a service?

Owners can cancel a booking directly from the Dashboard. Hover your cursor to the right of a booking and a Cancel button will appear.

How does a guest cancel a service?

A guest must contact the listing owner directly for cancellation.

Paying for a Listing

What payment types do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Will I receive a receipt for payment?

Yes, you will automatically receive a receipt via email for any payments.

Payments for Owners

Can I see when a listing is paid?

Yes, in your Dashboard, under Bookings, you can view paid and unpaid bookings. You will also receive an email when the listing is paid.

When are payments issued?

Payouts are issued every 2 weeks. Please allow 3-5 business days for the amount to show in your PayPal account.

What is the Wallet?

In your Wallet, you can view all your Earnings and Payout History.

What is the Payout Method?

The Payout Method is how you will receive earnings. Please set your Payout Method in your Wallet. You will not be paid unless the Payout Method is set.

What is the preferred Payout Method?

PayPal email is the preferred Payout Method. We strongly recommend using PayPal (more secure). If you would like to use another Payout Method, please email

Problems with a Listing

Who do I contact about listing issues?

Please report any problems with a listing to

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